Monday, October 21, 2013

“Find your truth……

“Glen Coe, Scotland”       9 x 12      Pastel      $500      © Sharon Lewis
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“Find your truth” was the advice that Stan Sperlak gave us as we ended our September plein air workshop with him. He was encouraging us to find and focus on what we love if we wanted to become successful painters. Out of all of the valuable advice he gave us, for some reason that message really hit home. I like painting all sorts of subjects but there are certain things that I absolutely love and today’s painting is of one of these subjects. I love dramatic mountains!
This is a painting I just finished yesterday of an area in Scotland, west of Edinburgh and south of Fort William. One of the books I have describes it as, “a world of deadly crags and killer mountains” (National Geographic Traveler). For some people, that description would ensure that they stayed away but for me it’s one of the many reasons I wanted to visit there. It sounded like an exciting place. I have to admit as well, that I had seen a photo before I visited and it showed what I was lucky enough to see for myself, it’s an absolutely gorgeous area!

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