Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some bright colors on a gloomy day in Georgia.

               "Luminous Pears" (Pear Still life)      8" x 10"       Pastel         $75.00       © Sharon Lewis
                                Click Here to Purchase                    

Today’s colorful painting was not the image that I originally intended to post today but I felt bright, primary colors and light on a dark and cloudy day might be appreciated. The truth is that anyone who knows me knows that I rarely need an excuse for using bright colors. 
I think it is really interesting that some of us prefer the neutral colors and others (like me) just love bright, primary colors. As a psychologist (my day job), I of course have to analyze this. I suspect that it has something to do with the need for stimulation and excitement that some of us have (the lovers of bright, primary colors) versus the stronger need for calm that others have (the lovers of neutral hues).  Which do you prefer?
Whatever your answer, I think it’s interesting that life, like a painting, is best when there's a little of both.

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