Monday, November 4, 2013

The Beauty of a Wildlife Refuge

“Marsh Afternoon”   9” x 12”   Pastel   $ 100  © Sharon Lewis
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              About 3 years ago I vacationed in New England, trying to escape the heat of a Georgia summer. We started on the coast of Maine, then headed to the mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont, and finally onto Massachusetts. At the very end of our trip, we stopped at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, located on the northeast coast of Massachusetts near Plum Island.

The Parker River Refuge has over 300 species of birds, some resident and others migratory, many of which are easy to observe everywhere you look. It’s also home to vicious, biting green head flies and I can speak from experience, that if you’re not quick enough with the application of insect repellant, they hurt a lot when they bite. In spite of this, it’s really worth the trip if you’re ever in the area. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors would love this place because it has virtually every kind of environment except for mountains. It’s a beautiful place to explore beaches, dunes, marsh, woods, and bog.
Today’s painting is based on one of my photos of the salt marsh at the Parker River Refuge. It was a warm, sunny afternoon with a cooling breeze and only slight wisps of clouds in the sky.

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