Thursday, November 21, 2013

Artistic License

“Turquoise Ribbon”     8” x 10”   Pastel    $75.00  © Sharon Lewis
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             I love the whole idea of “artistic license”! It sounds like we artists have permission to do almost anything. It sounds so tremendously freeing… and in a way it is. In a sense, it’s also where the real work of creativity comes in. My goal as a landscape artist is not to copy exactly from any photos I might have  (if that’s what I’m working from). Instead I want to communicate to the viewer something of what I might have felt from being in that environment. Or I might want to make a landscape more interesting than what is conveyed in the photo.
            Today’s painting is an example of this. This painting is based on some photos I took on a trip from Moncton in New Brunswick, Canada to Prince Edward Island. We passed near some interesting marshes but the photos really didn’t convey this at all.  So, I changed the course of the water to make it look more like the beautiful turquoise ribbon of water I remember. I hope you can feel the warmth of that sunny day and see the beautiful blue sky, neither of which we had here today. Ahhh, I love artistic license!

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