Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Looking Up

“Looking Up”     9” x 12”    Pastel     $100      © Sharon Lewis
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             Ever since I was a little kid I have looked up into the sky, fascinated by the clouds and how they changed. It’s like having your own natural gallery of art. Maybe it was due to some early esthetic sense… some precocious love of beauty…possibly. Or maybe it was because as a little kid, I kept getting slammed flat on my back, with the breath knocked out of me by the boys in my neighborhood. You’d be amazed how beautiful the sky can look to you when you finally get air back into your lungs again. Let me add that these boys were not bullies in any way. No, this was the result of me insisting that they let me play “touch” football with them. As the only girl and the runt in this bunch of kids, I was just an easy tackle…that is when they could catch me. 
            This summer I was so fortunate to see many breathtaking skies in the UK. This painting is what I saw one day when I looked up over the water into the skies of Scotland.

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