Friday, December 6, 2013

Is Mother Nature a Little Confused?

“Near Halibut Point”   6” x 6”   Pastel   $40   © Sharon Lewis
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           It’s been warm and humid here and it’s December! I know I shouldn’t complain given the ice, snow, and frigid temperatures in the mid section of the country, but it feels like summer here! And not in a good way either. It reminds me of one summer we were up in Massachusetts, trying to see places we hadn’t seen before. One of the places we visited was a quarry near Halibut Point (isn’t that a great name for a place?). It was warm, humid and foggy (like here today) and then the sun came out and made these rocks just glow. Most of the tourists went right past this view on their way to apparently more interesting sights. I just stood here studying this beautiful scene thinking it would make a great painting. Happy Weekend!

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