Monday, December 9, 2013

Can’t Remember the Last Time We Saw a Blue Sky!

“Big Sky”   9” x 12”   Pastel    $100   © Sharon Lewis
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            We have been extremely lucky here in North Georgia because we have avoided the ice and snow other parts of the country have been inundated with. However, it’s been raining for days! I think it stopped for a little bit one day last week and I saw people walking around with dazed looks on their faces, pointing up at the sky. I thought maybe there was some cool celestial phenomenon that they were pointing at but it was only the sun. Now I’m thinking if I saw sun and blue sky again, I might be one of those people pointing up and smiling, looking a little like a crazy person.
             To perhaps avoid this possibility, I’m posting a painting of sun and blue sky. This is based on photos I took in the Lake District in England, where we saw some amazingly beautiful skies this summer.
            I hope wherever you are, that your weather is terrific or rapidly improving and that you too are enjoying blue skies.

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