Friday, June 20, 2014

The Glory of Summer

"Shady Refuge"             11" x 14"             Pastel           $150          © Sharon Lewis
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I'm on Bailey Island, Maine, one of my favorite places to be at this time of year. While the Atlanta area has gotten warm and humid, this small island in the Casco Bay is still experiencing spring-time temperatures with cool mornings and evenings.
We are in a house that we rent each June that sits on a rocky cliff overlooking a cove as well as the beautiful Casco Bay. We fall asleep listening to the waves gently breaking and are awakened by birds singing and the excited peeps of the twenty tiny ducklings below.
I hope wherever you are, that you are enjoying a glorious summer!


  1. Sharon! I love this! Hope you are relaxing and enjoying every minute, oh, and painting lots too! Have fun!!

    1. Thanks Kathy! I've been sketching, painting a little, and taking lots of photos.