Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Sense of Wonderment

“Small Wonders”    8” x 10”    Pastel   $75       © Sharon Lewis

           I have a friend in Florida who has been posting great photos on FB of young Sandhill cranes called colts and another friend here in Georgia who’s posted photos of a fledgling robin she discovered in a bush next to her house. Of course my first reaction is  “Awww, they’re so cute” and then I’m back to finishing what I need to do. However, when I looked at the painting I had decided to post today I started to remember how I looked at bird’s eggs when I was a child.
            I remember when I was little, finding a robin’s egg like the ones in today’s painting and holding it in my hand with this tremendous sense of wonder. I thought the egg was so beautiful but I couldn’t figure out how a bird could be inside of it. When I look at robins’ eggs even today I’m reminded of that sense of wonderment.
            As I struggled to capture the rough texture of the bird’s nest, the smooth surface of the eggs, and that beautiful turquoise color, I was reminded of that wonder. I’m also grateful to have observant, generous friends who are willing to share these small wonders with me.

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