Friday, January 24, 2014

Mountain Greens

“Mountain Greens”   2.5” x 3.5”    Pastel     $20    © Sharon Lewis
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           Another busy week has gone by. There’s been so much to do as I return to work at the office. There’s all of the usual beginning of the semester routines and challenges. In addition, I have to replace an old filing cabinet, one which is taller than I am and was in danger of falling on me.  This meant I had to take everything out of the old one and do something with all of the files that I have accumulated over the last decades. Yes, there was just a mountain of paper!  
          And speaking of mountains, I’ve decided to do a series of paintings featuring them. I’m also considering a series on animals but we’ll see if there’s enough time for both. I have two mountain paintings that I hope to finish this weekend and post next week. 
         Today’s painting is one I did late at night this week when I was missing painting like a cardiac patient misses fried chicken. This painting is based on photos again from the Glencoe area of Scotland. I’m not sure why this area is so appealing to me but may have something to do with the violet mountains towering above the velvety green meadows.
Stay warm and have a happy weekend!

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