Friday, January 31, 2014

Glen Coe (#2), Scotland

  “Glen Coe (#2), Scotland”     9” x 12”    Pastel   $100    © Sharon Lewis
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            Here is another in my series of paintings of mountains. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m really doing a series on mountain scenes in Scotland since I keep choosing reference photos from there to paint from. I have sooooo many photos from this area! It was such a hauntingly beautiful area I shouldn’t be surprised that I took so many photos.
            I wasn’t prepared to love Scotland as much as I did and do. After all, my not so distant ancestors are not from here; they’re from Ireland, a country I found to be everything everyone told me it would be: beautiful with very friendly people. Unfortunately, at the time I visited Ireland I did not have the nice digital camera that I have now and took very few decent photos. When we decided to visit Scotland, I expected it to be nice, maybe even pretty but since it’s not the home of my ancestors, I was not prepared to be so enthusiastically impressed by the gorgeous scenery and the especially kind people.
            Have a happy weekend!

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