Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dressed to Kill

“Dressed to Kill”         Oil          10” x 10”          $125         © Sharon Lewis
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            This was a fun subject to paint and really got me thinking about both the fun and the pain associated with women’s fashion. I love the different colors and textures you find in women’s clothes and shoes and how we don’t have to wear essentially the same thing every day. I love novelty! However, I was wondering how we ever developed a trend that encouraged women to hobble in pain in incredibly high-heeled shoes just to be fashionable.
            A brief review online of the origins of high heels reminded me that they were previously worn by both men and women and were often associated with status. What I didn’t know was that they were also used by men in Persia (now Iran) to secure their feet to their stirrups so that they could ride and shoot arrows from their horses. Then apparently, the heels caught on with aristocrats such as King Louis XIV. He used them to increase his short stature (5’4”), and restricted the wearing of red heels (his favorite) only to those in his court. Over time, men’s shoes became more practical and women’s shoes went in the opposite direction. Maybe it’s time to give them back to men?
            Have a happy and comfortable weekend!

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