Thursday, March 23, 2017

Beauty in Diversity

“Beauty in Diversity”         Pastel           10” x 10”             $125     © Sharon Lewis
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One of the many reasons I love tulips is their diversity. They change shape as the flower ages (kind of like us) and they come in a variety of beautiful and different colors (also like us). In addition, they remind us of the joys of spring bringing new life, new beginnings, and gorgeous, cheerful colors like these.
The graceful arrangement of these tulips is entirely due to the artistic skill of the very talented artist, Karen Appleton. She challenged us recently in our oils class, to paint these particular flowers using palette knives instead of brushes. The painting here was done with pastels but I will share the oil painting of these flowers with you sometime soon. All I will say now is that for me, it was really, really challenging to paint with palette knives but also a lot of fun. 
Happy Weekend!

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