Thursday, April 9, 2015

Where the Path Leads Me

“Where the Path Leads Me”            Pastel          9” x 12”           $100          © Sharon Lewis
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             During a presentation on some of my art that I gave two weeks ago, I was reminded of how much I enjoyed painting the Glen Coe area in Scotland. It’s such a strikingly beautiful mix of majestic, rocky mountains rising steeply from lush, grassy meadows. We didn’t have much time when we passed through this area but I would have loved to walk the path shown here to see where it led. I think I would have seen some small waterfalls running down the hillside, maybe some sheep, and even some wildflowers…. not a bad walk in my opinion.
            Hope wherever you are, that the snow has fled, the birds have returned, and the flowers are blooming.
            Have a happy spring weekend!

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