Friday, April 17, 2015

Racing Clouds

“Racing Clouds”         Pastel      12” x 9”       $100      © Sharon Lewis
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            April in the Atlanta area is usually beautiful with blooming trees, bushes, and flowers. It apparently also is typically one of our drier months though you’d never know it this year. It has been raining with very few exceptions virtually every day for weeks! When we get a clear, sunny day, we wander out a bit dazed, looking like pale human mushrooms seeing light for the first time.
            Fortunately, as I drive back and forth to work, I’m treated to the cheerful sight of colorful tulips, red and pink azaleas, purple irises, the wine-red and purples of the Japanese maples, the pink and white blooming dogwood trees, and the lime-green of new leaves sprouting everywhere.
            Hope you enjoy sunshine and April colors this weekend!

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