Friday, April 24, 2015

Sunny Refuge

"Sunny Refuge”         Pastel      9” x 12”       $100      © Sharon Lewis
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                   Ahhh, it was a beautiful, sunny afternoon when we visited the Parker River Refuge on the northeast coast of Massachusetts. The refuge has sandy beaches and dunes, cranberry bogs, woods, and acres and acres of salt marsh. That day there were ducks sunning themselves near the edge of the marsh banks. With their brown and beige feathers they blended in so well with their surroundings that I almost didn’t notice them at first. You may be able to see some of them since I’ve tucked a few in amongst the reeds in the painting.
            I hope your weekend sees you getting outside and enjoying a beautiful, sunny afternoon. Happy Weekend!


  1. Just beautiful...I love how you captured the colors and light of the marsh. I am also a pastel artist living in Northeast Massachusetts, a lovely area for inspiration to paint.

  2. Thanks Sandra. I'm envious that you live near all of this beauty.