Friday, January 9, 2015

Merry Cherries

“Merry Cherries”       Pastel    5” x 7”      $50        © Sharon Lewis
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            I enjoy the taste and the colors of cherries, and for some reason, also enjoy painting them. I decided on a whim to look online to see what cherries symbolize in different cultures and was delighted to find that, depending on the culture (primarily either Japanese or Chinese culture), they are associated with beauty, fertility, festivities, rebirth, immortality, and have been used as symbols of friendship. When the cherry tree blossoms in Japan, it is a time for festivals, food, and music.  We used to celebrate a cherry blossom festival every spring thanks to a Japanese company nearby who would invite the general public to celebrate the blossoming of all of their cherry trees. It was fun for everyone as there were arts and crafts, food, music, and dance, and of course the absolutely gorgeous cherry trees.
            So here’s hoping that this weekend brings you a little beauty, food, and festivities!
            Happy Weekend!

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