Monday, July 14, 2014

Risk Takers

"Dangerous Beauty"              8" x 10"             Pastel             $75              © Sharon Lewis  
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             What is it about some of us that we are drawn to taking risks? One of my best friends, Dr. Ken Carter, is writing a book about sensation seekers (see which includes people who like to take physical risks, so it’s made me think and wonder about this. I don’t think that I’m that much of a risk taker but I know there’s something exciting and almost hypnotic about standing at the edge of a rocky cliff and looking at the waves crashing down below. As an artist I notice the subtle but beautiful shades of green and blue and purple in the water at the same time I’m aware of the exhilarating risk I’m taking in standing so close to the edge of a rocky cliff. I just find it fascinating to see all that energy in a huge wave that seems like it’s heading right for you only to crash below on the rocks.
            I don’t think I’m alone in this fascination. See the people in the painting? They’re also captivated by the beauty and the danger. What about you?

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