Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Maine Sunset

"Maine Sunset"        8.5" x 12"     Pastel     $100       © Sharon Lewis
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            It had been a monumentally frustrating day. I had downloaded the free Maverick Mac OS upgrade for my MacBook Pro and it was a disaster! The upgrade apparently decided that my hard drive was damaged and I spent the whole day trying to repair it. As I discovered later, I was not the only one who had this problem. Fortunately, I has backed everything up just a few days before. After about 8-9 hours, I gave up, erased my hard drive, and then restored it, which took about 4-5 hours. So, I decided it was late that I needed to paint.
            As I look at this painting while I’m writing this post, I realize that it perfectly represents that day.  The dark, stormy clouds represent the struggle I experienced most of the day and the glimpses of light in the sky remind me that brighter times lie ahead.

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