Thursday, May 1, 2014

Simple Beauty

“Simple Beauty”     5” x 7”     Pastel     $50     © Sharon Lewis
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            There are times, maybe not often, that I really like a simple, peaceful sky. With all of the recent storms, combined with the stress of the semester ending, a calm, peaceful sky looks very appealing and somehow restful right now.
            This painting is based on a photo that really looks nothing like this scene. The painting came out of a challenge in class to do a quick study (15 min. I believe is all that we had) of a simple, graded sky with no clouds. Since I love doing clouds, this was a bit of a challenge for me. What I realized after completing most of the painting is that the land had to be far more interesting than in the photo so I added spring colors and I cheated a bit and put a few streaky clouds low in the sky.
            Hope your skies are peaceful. Happy Weekend!

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