Thursday, May 8, 2014

Golden Fields, Beautiful Skies, Quiet Waters

“Reflections”          9” x 12”         pastel       $ 100       © Sharon Lewis
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             We were told that we wouldn’t like Prince Edward Island, Canada because it is so touristy but I wanted to see it anyway. I love exploring and I’m not easily discouraged. In addition, author, Lucy Maud Montgomery based her Anne of Green Gables books on Prince Edward Island so it sounded like it would be beautifully scenic.
            Unfortunately, what first hits you as you cross over this really long bridge is a less than attractive touristy area.  We quickly drove through and finally saw some beautiful fields of golden yellow flowers. We never had enough time to really explore the island’s natural areas so there may be other areas of great beauty. As we were leaving the island, I looked out the window and saw this beautiful sky and land reflected in the water. I only had time to put my camera up quickly and get a blurry photo of the scene. Not surprisingly, I didn’t take a very good photo that day but it provided me with just enough information that I could produce this painting. So maybe I’ll choose to remember the island as made up of fields of golden flowers, beautiful skies, and quiet waters.
            Happy Weekend!

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