Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Promise of Blue Skies

“The Promise of Blue Skies”         Pastel                12” x 16”           $200              © Sharon Lewis
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            I find rocky shores and rock formations in the water endlessly fascinating. As a child growing up near an ocean with smooth sand and interesting shells but no rocks, I wanted a little more drama! My brothers and sisters and I had to content ourselves with playing on a giant banyan tree that had fallen into the water. That banyan tree was a fort, a pirate ship, a castle…..anything exciting and dangerous.
            I saw these rocks while on the coast this summer, and took lots of photos knowing even then that I would be painting them. As I got closer to them, I was amazed to see all of the different colors that from a distance looked only dark grey and brown.
            Hoping you see blue skies and have a happy weekend!

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