Thursday, August 18, 2016

Look Both Ways

“Look For Both Ways”        Pastel            5” x7”           $50           © Sharon Lewis
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            On a recent trip to the Big Sur area,  we were lucky enough to stumble across an amazing restaurant perched on a cliff side with the most gorgeous views of  rocky promontories, windswept trees, and of course the blue-green water below. It’s called the Rocky Point Restaurant. The food is delicious, the service excellent, and after eating you can hike the area around the restaurant. I must have taken hundreds of photos of this area which I’ll be painting from for weeks! This painting is based on photos I took from the parking lot when I looked away from the ocean. I did a bit of editing of course but was pleasantly surprised to find this beautiful view from such a mundane place as a parking lot. It reminds me to follow the advice parents give children to look both ways.

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