Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Distant Lights

“Distant Lights”          Pastel       9” x 12”      SOLD     © Sharon Lewis
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             One of our favorite places to eat when we’re in Maine is the Dolphin Marina and Restaurant, on the Harpswell Neck peninsula.  It is perfectly located on a rise with a panoramic view of a cove filled with sailboats mixed with a few fishing boats, and off in the distance, the islands of Casco Bay.  I love that if you look this place up online, they give you directions by land, sea, and air. Apparently, some of their guests arrive by sailboats and others by helicopter, landing in the meadow behind the restaurant. How cool!
            The owners are really nice and welcoming and huge blueberry muffins come with every meal! We usually try to time our dinner there so that as we leave on the narrow road back, we get a view of the sunset. I’m not sure why but I have seen the most gorgeous sunsets here and of course I just had to paint it.

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