Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cloudy, Blustery Day

"Cloudy, Blustery Day"        Pastel        5" x 7"         $50        © Sharon Lewis
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        I tend to get comfortable once I've figured out how to do something but I've also found that there is great value to challenging myself to do something differently. I think challenges like this not only help keep our brains healthy but also maybe make us more interesting people.
        I had grown used to working on one surface that I love (Uart sanded paper) but an artist I admire (Tony Allain) mentioned in a recent workshop that he used Colorfix. This is a different and rougher type of paper that I hadn't used in a long time. I was at first reluctant to try this since I was already challenging myself to use very different techniques in the workshop but I found it forced me to paint a little differently. This reminded me of how important it is for me not to just search for different, interesting images but to keep trying different things because I never know what I might discover.

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