Friday, May 8, 2015

A Sky Serene and Fair

“A Sky Serene and Fair”        Pastel         9” x 12”       $100      © Sharon Lewis
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           The end of the academic year is a time when it’s easy to lose oneself  in the long work hours and stress. This spring it’s been particularly challenging as we had a tree hit the house, punching holes in my ceiling and causing it to rain inside for awhile.  Then a repair person, while pulling out wet insulation, disturbed a nest of hundreds of carpenter ants hidden within that wall.  I just had to laugh; I kept telling friends that for a while it was like being in the middle of a badly written horror film.
            At times like this, I often find it’s a struggle for me to remember what truly matters to me so I have developed a practice of repeating a simple phrase, "Be patient, be compassionate".  It reminds me to focus not on my own difficulties but on what others are experiencing. I find that this keeps me more attuned to what truly matters in the long run rather than what I want to whine about (a truly boring, fruitless practice).
            Today’s painting is a larger version of one I did while staying near this coastal area. I really found myself missing that painting when it sold a few weeks ago and so decided to do another larger, and slightly different version.
            Happy Weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

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