Thursday, October 2, 2014

Artists are So Easily Seduced

“Evening Light”   2.5” x 3.5”   Pastel    $20   © Sharon Lewis
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           Sometimes, when I’m thinking about what I enjoy painting, I start making a mental list. I love to paint skies, clouds, oceans, mountains, and then I have to stop myself before the list gets any longer because what I really love to paint is light. I can so easily be drawn to (or seduced by ) any subject if the light is just right. I believe the famous painter Vermeer was similar if you look some of his paintings. For example, look at how so often he takes a simple scene (See “The Geographer”, “The Milkmaid”,  Woman in Blue Reading a Letter” or  one of my very favorite paintings, “Woman Holding a Balance”) and makes it beautiful because he poses the subject close to a window and shows you how the light absolutely transforms his subject. 
            When I was traveling this summer I noticed how the early evening light transformed ordinary roads and buildings into objects of beauty. This small painting is an example of how this beautiful light transformed grays into purples and dull browns into vivid oranges.
           I hope wherever you are, that you experience some transformative light. Happy Weekend!

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