Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Beautiful Changes

“The Beautiful Changes”            Pastel         9” x 12”          $100      © Sharon Lewis

            I’ve definitely been in the mood for the cool days of autumn lately, especially every time I run my 4.5 miles. It’s mid-October and unfortunately, Georgia seems to think it’s still summer for we’ve had temperatures in the 80’s nearly every day. Nonetheless, the trees know it’s fall and they are wearing their beautiful leaves of red, yellow, and orange. I find myself wanting to paint pumpkins, apples, and wonderfully colored fall trees like the ones in this painting.
The title of this painting is borrowed from the title of a poem by Richard Wilbur and I use it to refer to two aspects of this painting. The old barn in the painting was probably once shiny and new and considered beautiful. It’s older now and not quite so shiny but in the glow of the setting sun, it’s luminous. The other “beautiful changes” are the gorgeous colors we see in the trees in autumn.
Happy Weekend!

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