Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer Garden Path

"Summer Garden Path"    Pastel      5" x 7"      $50     © Sharon Lewis
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            One of my favorite things to do when we visit Bailey Island, Maine each summer besides painting on location as I did here, is to visit all of the flowers blooming around the house. There are several different varieties of colorful peonies (some of which you can see on the left), a lilac bush, and several bushes of what I believe are antique or old roses. These are especially fragrant. From some preliminary research online I found out that the ones I painted on the right may be Rosa gallica officinalis, possibly the oldest rose in existence. It’s also apparently called the Apothecary’s Rose because healers used it to make medicinal remedies. I may have to do another painting later featuring this rose’s beauty more prominently.

            Happy Almost Weekend!

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