Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Apple Blossom Time

 “Apple Blossom Time”   Pastel     5” x 7”     $50       © Sharon Lewis
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            One of my favorite signs of spring is when I see my apple tree covered with these beautiful, fragrant flowers. Each year I tell myself I should paint them but this is also when I am the busiest grading papers and final exams. By the time I’m through grading, the blossoms are gone. So this year, I broke off two small branches, placed them in water, and took some quick photos to paint from later. When I needed a break from grading, I had fun painting these small but beautiful flowers.
            Mother’s Day and this week I am reminded of how lucky I am to have two amazing, intelligent, and thoughtful kids. Today, my beautiful daughter, Erinn turns 26 having just finished her second year of law school and then Thursday my handsome son, Sean graduates with a Ph.D in Economics.
            Happy Spring!

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