Friday, January 29, 2016

A Gift of Beauty and Matisse

“A Gift of Beauty and Matisse”     Pastel    12” x 9”       $100    © Sharon Lewis
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It’s the end of a busy week, and almost the end of January, a month no one seems to be sorry to see end. The sun is shining and it just seems perfect to focus on this colorful painting of flowers that I did recently. My wonderful kids sent me these beautiful flowers for my birthday in November. The print on the wall is one I just love, by the Fauvist artist, Henri Matisse, called “The Goldfish. It violates so many of the rules that we artists have been trained to follow that it just makes me smile. And because it’s is so playful and colorful, it reminds me that creating art can be tremendously fun!
                  Happy Weekend!

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