Friday, February 20, 2015

Light is Like a Fairy Godmother

“All Aglow: Arabia Mountain”           Pastel        9” x 12”         $100       © Sharon Lewis
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            Timing and preparation are everything, especially if you love capturing the effects of early morning or evening light. I was reminded of this recently when talking with my friend and talented artist, Karen Margulis. Her photos of cats as well as other subjects, are striking because she’s always on the lookout for the light falling just right.
            This is why I always keep my favorite Canon EOS Rebel camera charged and nearby. I’ve learned that beautiful light can act like a fairy godmother, transforming everyday objects into things of beauty sometimes only for a minute or two and then they are back to being ordinary. The perfect light can also turn a fairly stark, grey landscape into one that’s full of color and warmth as it did in this case, on the rocks, vegetation, and trees of Arabia Mountain.

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