Tuesday, July 28, 2015


  "Repose"             Pastel           5” x 7”              $50             © Sharon Lewis 
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           On a rainy day in Bailey Island, I decided to paint from reference photos one of my other favorite areas in Maine – Bar Harbor. My friend Jim Brown and his wife are now running a wonderful Bed and Breakfast there called, the Coach Stop Inn. It’s not only a gorgeous place but also has wonderful food! After one of their meals, you might want to hike along this rocky coast or maybe relax as this woman is and just stare out to sea.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


“Possibilities”       Pastel       7” x 5”      $50     © Sharon Lewis
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            I’ve been practicing painting Scotland and the Lake District since I will be going back there soon. I’m also trying to get used to using a very small travel box that I’m planning to bring. This painting is based on reference photos I took from the car.
            I loved the shadowy path with the light shining on the distant trees and bushes as well as on the branches of the larger tree. I wonder where this path will lead us. To a beautiful meadow? A farm with sheep? Or maybe it winds its way up a majestic mountain?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Storm's Coming!

“The Storm’s Coming!”       Pastel           9” x 12”         $100          © Sharon Lewis
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            This is the type of landscape which always draws me to Scotland. Although I love the lush, green, rolling hills of this country, I also find this dark, mysterious type of landscape fascinating.
            My reference photos were pretty dark but I was still drawn to paint this. I don’t remember if a storm was approaching or had just moved away.  Either way, I love the sliver of light illuminating the path down the mountain.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Still Waters

“Still Waters”      Pastel     5” x 7”     $50     © Sharon Lewis
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            We’re going back to Scotland and the Lake District this summer and I’m hoping to get a few minutes now and again to paint while I’m there.  I’m bringing a new, very small painting box with me that I just got and so far I love it! It’s a Heilman sketchbox single that allows me to load pastels in one small section and store paper on the other side. I’ve already filled it up with the pastels that I’m bringing and to check to see if I’m bringing the right ones, I’ve been painting from my reference photos of the UK, using colors only from this box. This is a painting of Loch Katrine, a quietly beautiful, peaceful area in Scotland.
            Happy Weekend!


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Distant Lights

“Distant Lights”          Pastel       9” x 12”      SOLD     © Sharon Lewis
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             One of our favorite places to eat when we’re in Maine is the Dolphin Marina and Restaurant, on the Harpswell Neck peninsula.  It is perfectly located on a rise with a panoramic view of a cove filled with sailboats mixed with a few fishing boats, and off in the distance, the islands of Casco Bay.  I love that if you look this place up online, they give you directions by land, sea, and air. Apparently, some of their guests arrive by sailboats and others by helicopter, landing in the meadow behind the restaurant. How cool!
            The owners are really nice and welcoming and huge blueberry muffins come with every meal! We usually try to time our dinner there so that as we leave on the narrow road back, we get a view of the sunset. I’m not sure why but I have seen the most gorgeous sunsets here and of course I just had to paint it.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Out to Sea

“Out to Sea”    Pastel     5” x 7”     $50     © Sharon Lewis
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            I’m back from beautiful Bailey Island, Maine where we had mostly wonderful weather and mostly terrible internet connections. Normally, I wouldn’t have really cared about the internet but I had big plans to paint daily or as often as possible and post daily. Unfortunately, I only managed to post once because we kept losing our connection altogether.
            Nonetheless, I got to enjoy cool (and sometimes cold) morning and evening breezes, hiking through the woods and along the rocky coast, and falling asleep to the sound of the waves. I also got to paint every day, usually outside. My biggest problem was selecting which beautiful view to tackle for a painting.  I’ll be posting some of these over the next few weeks.
            Have a happy holiday weekend!