Friday, March 27, 2015

Coastal Light

“Coastal Light”     Pastel    12” x 12”    $175    © Sharon Lewis
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            Winter appears to have returned to the Atlanta area, at least temporarily. It’s a grey, windy, somewhat cold day. Perhaps that’s why I felt that today’s painting of the early evening light falling on the shore seemed perfect for today. I know that the water is cold but I can remember the feel of the sun on my face as I photographed this scene. The whale watching boats were full (my favorite excuse to be out on a boat with the bonus that you get to observe wild life), so we were on a boat tour of the islands in the Casco Bay, off the coast of Portland, Maine. People use this boat as a bus or ferry between the islands and the mainland, so at one point, the boat was full of people with luggage, groceries, small dogs, children, and tourists like us. The islanders and tourists were easily distinguished in that one group was madly photographing everything (me) and the other were acting like they couldn’t wait to get away from the tourists.
            Happy Weekend!

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